AA Meetings

So- what is AA, and how can it help me?
It’s a Mutual Aid organisation, a “fellowship” of people who share their experience to help themselves, and others to recover from alcoholism.

So, will it help me stop drinking?
Well, if you read our pages on Alcohol (LINK) we believe the actual  “stopping” bit is best dealt with professional medical help and advice, however, (and a big however) is “staying stopped!” and AA’s primary stated purpose is to help it’s members stay sober.

Are you saying I need to be sober to join?
No, no, no! The only requirement is you have a desire to stop drinking, and they can help with turning that desire into a reality.

But they believe in sobriety, not just cutting back and trying to drink “normally” if there is such a thing?
Yes, they believe that once that invisible borderline from heavy to compulsive drinking has been crossed that there can never be any return to “normal” social drinking.

Are they right?
Well, they’ve been going a long, long time, they operate in over 150 different countries and have helped many millions achieve and sustain sobriety- so they have a very compelling argument.

But I’ve heard it’s a bit “preachy”, all about religion and so on, isn’t it?
No, and let’s bust this myth here and now, the members believe in a wide range of creeds and religions including none at all. They believe that alcohol held a power over us, thus believing in a “higher power” helps us to overcome this.

How do I join, and is it free?
Just pitch up at a meeting, you’ll be given a warm welcome and yes, it’s free.

Are there meetings near me?
Yes, there are hundreds of meetings all over London within easy travelling distance and a time to suit, maybe try a few different ones at first, you may find one that you particularly like, or feel comfortable with. And wherever you are in the country, and indeed the world you will find a meeting you can attend, it is truly an International Fellowship.