I have always loved my job and the people I work with are like family to me. When I used to hear customers say that they wanted a better work/life balance I didn’t understand what they meant because my work was my life and I didn’t have a life without it. I have worked at The Golden Lion pub for 15 years now, ever since my daughter went to live with her father and his new family up north. At the end of a shift I would go to the other side of the bar for my social life. I didn’t want to go home as there was nothing there. Home had become a place to just sleep.

I hadn’t noticed that I was drinking more, but my boss, the landlord had. I had no choice but to take up his advice and get some professional help; after all, as I said, my work was my life.

Not only have Blenheim helped me to control my drinking and improve my health, they have also given me the confidence to add new interests and people into my life.

I still love my job and they are still like family to me but I don’t go to the other side of the bar at the end of my shift, I go to college or I go and meet new friends for coffee or I go home and I enjoy being home now.