Local Sports Activities

OK you’re in recovery with time to spare, but little to spend so what can I do?

If you were living in most other parts of the country you might be hard to come up with a good selection. But you live in LONDON! Love it or hate it, there is no getting away from the fact that there is loads of free or cheap stuff to do.

Most Boroughs including K&C and H&F offer discounted leisure services to residents, particularly those receiving benefits, although usually you have to pay a small fee for an annual card.

If you are looking for physical activity, there are the Public Leisure centres, apart from being able to use a discount card; they often do good deals on activities for those in receipt of benefits. So maybe head towards the gym or pool, or take up a new sport, or join a team if you’re up for it!

Although some private leisure centres are getting a bit more sensible in their charges and contracts, do really think through how much you are going to use it after the initial enthusiasm has worn off! Maybe use “pay as you go ‘til you’re sure” (believe me you will thank me for that advice).

For those that like to get out and about without breaking into a sweat there is always walking, so head towards the local park, or find a museum or gallery (most are still free), I love walking down the Thames Embankment, but that’s just me!

Most of you will qualify for a discounted Oyster card; it only covers buses though, but you’ll be amazed how far you can get for a single journey, or get a one day pass, so go exploring in London, we spent a lot of time in a world which seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, so get out there, there’s tons to do and see, even if the weather’s not great.

London is still a cheap place to eat a tremendous variety of food if you stay clear of tourist area’s and current trendy or pretentious haunts, so get a few mates together and make a day of it

How’s about doing a course in something you’re interested in? Free or discounted Adult Education courses are still about, but sadly getting fewer, so use them or lose them! And they’re great places to meet new people so look upon that as a bonus.