PEER Mentoring services

What is Peer Mentoring?
It is a supported placement with a drug and alcohol treatment provider where you will be trained to help and support other individuals who are clients of these services.

Who will provide the training?
In the tri-borough you have three choices of treatment provider who will offer you training, Turning Point or Blenheim/CDP. It will depend on the time of year as to which of these will train you to undertake your role as a peer mentor. The timetable below shows the intake dates until April of next year.

Will I have to do a placement with the treatment provider I train with?
No, you will be offered a wide range of placements with most of the service providers in the Borough. These currently include the three mentioned above.

What will I be doing in my placement?
There are a whole range of possibilities. You might be helping to facilitate a peer support group or explaining to service users about their treatment options. You might be supporting Recovery Workers in the drop-in or helping to deliver a workshop. The details of your placement will be worked out with your supervisor when you have finished your training.

Do I have any other options?
There are several service user organisations in the tri-borough area that run their own, socially based services. Build on Belief and the Firm are two examples. You would be able to do a placement in either of those services.

What would that involve?
These services are slightly different since they provide activities such as music and art workshops, or photography and drama classes. You might be helping other volunteers to run such services, as well as socialising with and supporting the service users who access these projects.

How would I go about becoming a peer mentor?
Have a look at the timetable below. It contains contact details for the staff from each of the organisations delivering the training. Give them a ring and they will be able to tell you what the next steps are . . . .