Recommended Activities

One thing I found when we give up using and boozing, is we seem to have plenty of time on our hands, yes we really did spend a lot of time pursuing our habits, didn’t we?
Recovering from addiction, whether it’s from substance abuse or an alcohol problem, can be an arduous and trying process. Completely reworking your life into something uncomfortable and different from what it was often is stressful and mentally taxing.
But keeping a positive attitude and an open mind toward learning new things can turn recovery from a lot of hard work to something that can actually be a little enjoyable.
Below are some ways that recovery can be more fun.

Finding alternatives and healthier methods of thrill-seeking, recommended activities.

In recovery, one of the biggest things many addicts miss is the sense of excitement a drug- and alcohol-fuelled lifestyle gave us (however misplaced). This can be addressed by finding activities, such as a pastime or sport that provides a natural sober thrill. Football, badminton, table tennis are good examples that are accessible and cheap, or often free.

Starting an interest hobby, acquiring a skill

Most people, no matter how old, have one thing that they’ve always wanted to do. It could be painting or learning how to play the guitar, or even cooking. Recovery is a perfect time to focus on personal development. The belief that you have to be a certain age is self-defeating, because people are continually growing and progressing throughout their lives. Recovery is a time when someone is redesigning their lifestyle, so this is a great time to pick up a hobby or acquiring a new skill and you are never too old to learn

Swimming, particularly just the act of being in the water, is proven to be a therapeutic and enjoyable experience. The feeling of weightlessness and the invigorating effect it has on the body can also be a source of enjoyment. It’s a cheap activity that can be done on a regular basis as an individual or with a group of people for a fun outing.

Planning activities with friends and family.
OK, we addicts tended to isolate ourselves so that we could practice our habits without any disapproval. The isolation also tends to increase the feelings of loneliness that drove the addict to use drugs or alcohol. So it’s crucial that in recovery we make an effort to engage in activities with our friends and family, this can include eating together, going to the cinema or watching bands, or just planning an afternoon walking around a particular area. Spending time together on light-hearted activities can work to promote the friendship and familial bonds that everyone needs.

But don’t knock yourself out!
Maybe by our very nature we can be impulsive, and charge at one thing after another. Personally, I had a list of stuff I wanted to do, places I wanted to see, books to read, and gyms to go to!! Whoa there! My advice is to pace yourself, you have the rest of your life now, and make sure you leave some reflective “down time” for yourself.

With these activities, we, in recovery can work on enjoying the process and reconnecting with the important people in our life as well as building new friendships.

Yes. Recovery is all about finding meaning and value in one’s life, and one way this can be done is by pursuing activities that are both fun and fulfilling.