Access To Services

How do I get access to services if I think I have a problem with drugs & alcohol?Access To Services
You need to find your local drug and alcohol service ,you can ask your GP, if you have one or you can find this online by Googling “Drug and alcohol service” followed by your post code .

This will tell you where your nearest service is. All you need to do now is get in touch!

Do I have to do anything else?
No. You can either ring them to make an appointment to speak with someone, or have a look at their opening times and pop in and say hello.

I am uncomfortable talking about this stuff. Is it confidential?
It certainly is. Confidentiality can only be broken if a worker thinks a child is at risk, or you or someone you know is at serious risk of harm. Confidentiality is very rarely broken because everyone working in drug and alcohol services understands that it’s difficult for anyone to seek help and that the relationship between a worker and client depends on trust and understanding.

Wait a minute! What was that about children?
Don’t worry. Everyone knows this is a difficult and emotive subject, but it is no reason not to get help. If you look behind the yellow door there is a page called ‘Will My Kids Be Taken Away?’ that discusses this in detail.

What happens when I get there?
You are offered a cup of tea and a worker will sit down with you privately to discuss your problems.

Is it that simple?
Actually, it is. They will explain what your options are, what help is potentially available and will arrange for you to undertake an assessment in order for you to be referred to the appropriate people to get help.

Aren’t they going to judge me because I have got myself into difficulties with drink or drugs?
No of course not. Everyone is trained properly, and to be honest many of the people you are working with have had the same problem at some point or another . . . not that they will discuss it with you.

Does it cost anything to get help?
Not a penny. Everything is free, like the NHS.