Build On Belief



So..What is BoB – Build On Belief?
BoB aims to give people somewhere to go when mainstream drug and alcohol services are closed or cannot help.

Many of our drop-in services run at the weekend.
We aim to give our service users access to opportunities that they cannot obtain through the conventional treatment system. Music workshops, sports clubs, arts, alternative therapies, food and drink, and a strong sense of community are just some of the things on offer to anyone who visits us.

BoB does not offer therapeutic services, but instead provides a range of socially based services intended to support people through their treatment journey while they work to move forward with their lives. After all, for many people dealing with a substance use issue is one thing, and rebuilding your life a completely different, but equally complex matter. It is this that BoB aims to support people to do.

Our organisation is intentionally designed to complement other professional service providers and we very much aim to work in partnership with all other local providers and organisations.  We see ourselves as the cement between the bricks of the treatment system!

How do I access your service, are they free?
Yes all the services we run are free to service users from K&C and H&F and Westminster, just turn up at any of our venues and have a word with one of the volunteers. We’d love to see you, so come along.

Where are you, and when are you open?
We are open every weekend, and offer a variety of other socially based services for full details please click the link for the Build on Belief directory services.