Care Manager Do I Need One?

What is a Care Manager Do I Need One?
Simply put, Care Managers are the people who help you sort out the appropriate rehab, not as people often think, your key-worker.

Can you explain a bit more?
As explained elsewhere on this website, some people find it difficult to deal with the substance use in the community and find it necessary to go into rehab to sort out their problems. If this is the case, your key worker will make an appointment for you to see a Care Manager.

What happens next?
The Care Manager will have a meeting or two with you to help you decide if rehab is the right option for you and then they will discuss the choices available that might best meet your needs.

What sort of choices?
Many rehabs are out of London, so ‘where’ is often the first question. There are also many different types of rehab. For example some are ‘twelve-step’ in their approach to treatment, others offer a variety of ways to look at addiction and manage recovery. Your care manager will guide you toward the rehab that is most suited to your needs.

How long does this take?
It is rarely an instant process. You might have child care issues, leave from work, or rental payments to organise first before you are able to go into rehab. A Care Manager can help you to sort out some of these issues.

Can I choose any rehab I want?
It might be better to think of your relationship with a Care Manager as a partnership. They will know which rehabs have the best success rate and offer the best service, and they have the experience to help you choose the rehab that will give you the best chance of dealing with your problem. Often, this tends not to be the one you think it should be!

Do I see my Care Manager after I leave for rehab?
Your Care Manager will come and visit you while you are there! They will want to make sure that you are receiving a good service, and may be able to help you deal with any problems that arise. They will also want to help you plan what you are going to do when you leave rehab and return home.

What do you mean?
Rehab is not the end of your treatment journey. Your Care Manager will want to make sure that you have the appropriate aftercare sorted out when you get home. They will stay in touch for a while afterwards to make sure that you are ok and you receive the support you need in order to maintain your recovery and re-build your life.