Meet the Elephant herd

The Invisible Elephant Website was a collaborative effort by a dedicated group of people over a period of many months. We wish to thank the following for their hard work and efforts:

 Website Development and Technical Support:  Lana Alikhanova
 Elephant Cartoons:  Daniel Belic
 Written Content: Tim Sampey
Chris Wait
Peter Helmer
 Research: Rebecca van Cuylenburg
Chris Wait
Peter Helmer
 Social Media Management:  Peter Helmer
 Filming and Editing:  Jon Derricot
 Project Management:  Build on Belief Ltd


Build on Belief would like to thank the following for agreeing to be interviewed and filmed for the Invisible Elephant website. Special thanks go to the following:

The staff of the Southern Hub in Kensington and Chelsea for their support with the filming especially those who agreed to be interviewed at the very last moment.

Darren Clarke and Rob Noonan from WDP (North Westminster) for their help and support throughout the filming process.

Lastly we would like to recognise that being interviewed on experiences of addiction and treatment, knowing that the interview will be edited and posted on a website, is a difficult and uncomfortable process, especially when you are talking about something that happened in the past and is no longer relevant to your life. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took part, especially the CNWL Peer Support Workers and the Build on Belief Service Managers who agreed to help us with this part of the project.

Darren Clarke: Recovery Champion Coordinator (WDP)
Chula Goonewardene: Recovery Group Work Programme Manager (WDP)

Aidan Gray: Head of Art (Hum London)

Rory McCormick: Advanced Nurse Practitioner (CNWL)

Karen Brown: ETE Worker (Blenheim)

Hia Jordan: Care Manager/Social Worker (RBKC)

Syrita Thomas-Mayer: Substance Misuse Practitioner (Foundation 66)

Lisa Singh: Substance Misuse Practitioner (Foundation 66)

Dr Owen Bowden-Jones; Consultant Psychiatrist

Teresa Wirz – Sector Manager Kensington and Chelsea (CNWL)

Rebbeca Harris – Family Psychotherapist (CNWL)

Gary Thomson – Weekend Service Manager Hammersmith and Fulham (Build on Belief)

Rob Noonan – Community Reintegration Service Manager (WDP)

Ben Parker – Addictions Peer Support Worker (CNWL)

Alan Butler – Addictions Peer Support Worker (CNWL)

Terry Swinton – Co-founder SUDRG Weekend Service

David Hibbert – Service Manager Newham (Build on Belief)

Linda Chan – Service Manager Ealing (Build on Belief)

Sarah Mountain – Service User Representative North Westminster

Aisha Hennessy – Service Manager Newham (Build on Belief)

Anna – Ex SUDRG Team Leader and Volunteer

Eddie Meyers – Service Manager Ealing (Build on Belief)