ETE Provision

ETEI keep hearing about ETE, what’s that all about?
Yeh! I know, you seem to get bombarded these days with initials that stand for something or other, without ever getting told what they mean, like they have this secret language going on- anyway I plucked up courage and asked (just so you don’t have to!) and it stands for-

In the dim, and not so distant past, after the services decided you were good to go, off you went, and in most cases, fended for yourself. Some of us were lucky to get back into what we were doing before as far as working and studying, some found a bit of volunteering, maybe with the treatment Services, where our “lived experiences” are an asset.

However many of us haven’t   clue, and are employers and training agencies sympathetic to our challenges? So, most of us were nervous to make that first lurch in that direction without support.

Anyway, times have changed, and it’s fully recognised that this is a key part in moving forward, just at a time when there is pressure to get off benefits, and fewer vacancies around.

The Services now either have their own “in house” advisers, or use a partner agency. These advisers can council you in that first step and help support you along the way, whether in finding a course to get a qualification, or choosing and applying for a job.

They can advise on what grants and support are about, and help you around working and studying when on a script, and problems around criminal records.

They can also help you with building your confidence around interview skills, and your confidence in general.

Yep, probably the single most important part of making changes and moving forward in our recoveries is around learning and earning, so a great piece of advice is to make full use of these services.