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NA Narcotics Anonymous
NA – Narcotics Anonymous

So- what is Narcotics Anonymous?
It’s a mutual aid fellowship for those whose drug use has become a major problem. The members, who are recovering addicts help each other to stay clean, that’s the meaning of mutual aid.

Narcotics- does that mean all drugs?
Yes, although there are other similar “Anonymous” organisations covering specific groups or drugs that you may want to look at…..NA covers them all.

So how can this help me?
Well, in the meetings members regularly share their personal experiences with each other, not as professionals, but as ordinary people, and find that this sharing can bring about solutions to their problems.

So there’s no professional treatment as such?
Well… although NA has no professional therapists, no residential facilities and no clinics, there is a wealth of knowledge amongst the members who have first-hand knowledge of addiction and recovery.

Can I combine NA with treatment from the Drug Services?
Yes, in fact for many that is the ideal way, using the Services to reduce and become drug free, and NA for support.

Look….  I’m using class A’s what about the law knowing, or just other people for that matter?
NA has very strict rules and guidelines around anonymity, and they work…. if they didn’t people would hardly come to their meetings… so they do work…. and tens of thousands attend meetings.

Yeah, that makes sense, so how do I join….. and is it free?
Firstly it’s free, there are no fees or charges, but do pop whatever you can spare into the tea and coffee fund.
Secondly to join, just find a meeting and come along, NA believe that the most important person in the meeting is the new member, so you will always get a warm welcome.

Are meetings easy to find, and what about if I’m working or otherwise busy during the day?
Meetings are held all over London, most within easy travelling distance, and held at various times, so you should be able to find one to suit

You can find details of all meetings on the NA Website or call their helpline on 0300 999 1212.