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Outside Edge

Outside Edge Theatre Company

What is it?

Outside Edge uses theatre and performance to change lives. Set up 1998 by Creative Director Phil Fox, who was himself an actor and a former drug addict, the work of the company builds from Phil’s own experience of theatre leading to recovery from addiction. The company continues to work from the premise that engaging in performance and exploring issues through drama has the ability to bring about positive change in the lives of people affected by drug and/or alcohol addiction.
Outside Edge is the only theatre company working nationally, and increasingly internationally, on theatre and performance focused specifically on tackling substance misuse.

Sadly since this was posted Phil Fox has passed away and will be greatly missed , fortunately “outside edge “ continues the work he started.

What do you offer?
Well there’s two groups running on different nights of the week-

The Tuesday Night Theatre Group: 6 to 9pm doors open 5-30pm- This is a group of substance users in recovery who have some experience of drama work who meet to develop projects for performance.
To join this group, you must have attended at least eight drop-in sessions of the Thursday group.

The Thursday Night Group: 6 to 8pm doors open 5-30pm- This is an informal group of people who are in early recovery from substance use who have very little or no experience of drama. The emphasis is on having fun. This group is run by Cathy.
Women’s Theatre Group
So, if I’m interested, I come along to the Thursday group and see whether I like it, and if I do, I can progress to the Tuesday group if I want?
Yes, that’s the idea- but you must be drug or alcohol free that day.

That sounds fair enough- where are the groups held?
Both groups are held at 61. Munster Road. Fulham (off the Fulham Road)

So- I don’t need a referral or need to book or anything, oh! And will it cost me anything?
No, just pop along to the Thursday group by 6pm, and it’s all free.

There is more information on our website including our current productions on http://edgetc.org and also on Facebook, or you can phone us on 020 7371 8020.