Smart Recovery Meetings

So, what does SMART recovery stand for?
It means Self Management And Recovery Training and it’s an abstinence based recovery organisation, based on peer led mutual aid.

Do you have to be abstinent to attend?
All we ask is that you are drug or alcohol free on the day, however we believe that all attending should be aiming for abstinence.

Tell me more please.

Well it’s a science-based programme to help people manage their recovery from any type of addictive behaviour around substances such as alcohol, nicotine or drugs.

I’m interested, so how can it help me?
We believe there is no single approach to recovery that is right for everyone. Mutual aid can help recovery and so can treatment – a combination of the two is probably even better for many people.

Do I need to be in treatment?
No, but it can help, and we can also advise you on this.

So how does it work?
SMART Recovery helps participants decide whether they have a problem, builds up their motivation to change and offers a set of proven tools and techniques to support recovery.

This is the SMART Recovery 4-point programme:

  • Building and maintaining motivation
  • Coping with urges
  • Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Living a balanced life

That sound fair, how much does it cost?
It’s free, and it’s run by people who have been through treatment and are in recovery, so we tend understand your problems.

Where do I go?
For more details please contact