The Firm


So what is the FIRM?
Fun In Recovery Management the FIRM, is a self-help group, run by ex-users for other ex-users along mutual aid lines providing a range of social activities.

How can they help me?
The main purpose of the FIRM is to create a safe place where people in recovery from drug/alcohol misuse can come to , have some fun, and give each other support in a drug and alcohol free situation. Experience shows this is a tremendous help in maintaining abstinence.

So what sort of things do they do?

Lots of activities, here’s the current timetable:

At 61 Munster Road  SW6 5RE

Saturday  2.00-6.00pm

Visitors have the use of the computer suite for Internet access and for any work they need to do and reflexology and massage therapies are available.

Here is the new timetable for the firm introducing their new sunday service for women

Sunday  11am- 4.00pm

Yoga class 11am – 12pm

Lunch, newspapers, good company- 12.00-4.00pm

Wednesday  4.00-8.00pm

Complementary therapies, a Hot meal, Monthly Bingo and Quiz, Internet access.

Friday  3.00-6.00pm

Tai Chi and Reflexology/massage available.

at  Broadway.  57-59 Wood Lane.  Shepherds Bush  W12 7DP

Thursday  6:00-9:00pm  Complementary therapies, Refreshments, Games Room.

How do I join, and is it free?

Yes it’s free… so just come along on any of the days and introduce yourself,

For more information contact us on 020 7384 3656 or