What Is After Care?

In a nutshell what is after care?
Ok, So you may have stopped using , got a bit of time under your belt; free from your drug of choice , but how you gonna  maintain it ?

Try and not use?
Sounds easy but unfortunately it’s not, you’re gonna get cravings to use, you might run into friends you used to use with, and you may well be dealing with difficult feelings that have been buried under the surface for years.

All sounds a bit bleak?
It can be a challenging time but that’s where after care comes in .After care might include going into some group work ,learning some relapse management , learning to recognise your triggers for using, for example what places ,people or situations are high risk situations for you and how you can learn to cope with them or avoid them altogether .

That makes sense, so where can I get this type of help?
Your local drug service will normally have some after care built into its service but they may also be able to refer you on to other services for example CBT or counselling. Unfortunately these days aftercare may be time limited in most services however you can access aftercare in other ways.

How do you mean?
Smart recovery groups, the Fellowships AA etc,  and many of the peer led weekend services offer support. Aftercare can also mean having safe places to socialise , or access to activities like  sport or the arts .Have a look at some of the options  on the “Mutual Aid “ tab , there are some great peer led services out there , “Outside edge “ for theatre and acting if that appeals or music workshops at “BOB” as well as gym and swim sessions or acupuncture at services like “Antidote/London friend for the LGBT community or complimentary therapies  and bingo at “The Firm”.

Wow Bingo!
The list of choices is long and varied so you see it’s not all bleak!

Whatever you’re into and wherever you live in the tri borough there will be something that floats your boat, so take a look at what’s on offer and enjoy the ride.