How Much Do You Spend?

I always smile when I remember that bit in Viv Stanshall’s “Rawlinsons End” (sorry if that dates me- Google it!,) when the permanently inebriated Sir Henry Rawlinson remarks “ If I had all the money I spent on drink……..I’d spend it all on drink”.

Yep, name me a cheap addiction? With maybe, but just maybe, the odd eating disorder!

Let’s face it, our drink or drug of choice rarely comes cheap, after it rips through your benefits, your mate’s benefits (who quickly become ex-mates when you don’t pay back what you borrowed), the loans we couldn’t pay back, the stuff we sold for nearly nothing.

Add to that the money and stuff we’d lose, or get nicked, or broke.

Then, add to that stuff we bought on an impulse……..

OK we’ll stop there before we properly scare ourselves, but it’s probably a lot, and if you are like me it’s probably an underestimate!

Yep, addiction will keep you poor, and even those of us that started out with a few bob have watched it disappear pretty damn quick, and I’m sure all of us have heard of stories of the rich and famous skinted by a habit, and as they say-

“The quickest way to become a millionaire is to start off as a billionaire and acquire a crack habit!”

OK, there are more important reasons for packing our habit in, and entering recovery, than money, such as your physical and mental health, but it is a big, big reason,

Recovery may not change the amount we get every week, but it’ll sure make it go further!

“Do the math”, as they say!