LGBT Services

What does LGBT mean?
LGBT is a term used to mean lesbian, gay, and bi-sexual or transgender.

Is there a specific drug service for LGBT individuals?
All drug treatment services are designed to be open minded, non-judgemental and able to work with a very diverse range of people. However there is a very good  drug and alcohol service specifically for LGBT individuals available for those  in the three boroughs. The Antidote service at London Friend works in partnership with the CNWL Club Drug Clinic based at CAPS in Earls Court.


That sounds great , tell me more.
All drug and alcohol treatment services recognize that while addiction is addiction and social problems tend to be fairly similar irrespective of whom you are talking to, they also recognize that all human beings are individual and their needs can be very specific. The Club Drug clinic, in partnership with Antidote, offers a bespoke service for those from LGBT communities – especially men who have sex with men. They are highly skilled at working with LGBT people where substance misuse problems may be linked to lifestyle and sexual behaviour. The team has cultural competence in working with LGBT issues and can help with the psychological, sexual, physical, relationship, housing and work problems related to club drug use.’

 would I be treated normally if I went to one of the other drug and alcohol treatment providers behind the Red Door?

Ideally , yes you would , however you may feel more comfortable talking to someone who understands some of the other issues connected with  your drug use that are specific to the current LGBT party scene , for example use of crystal meth and GHB during “Chem sex”.

That makes sense ,are there any other services available to me?

Antidote is  a service provided by London Friend – it is part of London Friend. London Friend is an LGBT mental health and wellbeing charity and Antidote is the drug and alcohol service provided by London Friend. They work pan London so anyone can attend. They offer a range of clinics where people can turn up, no appointment needed. For details visit