So What is Mephedrone then ?
You might hear it called meph,mcat,meow meow,bubble ,bounce ,or a host of other names

But what is it ?
It’s a stimulant , a type of cross between ecstasy an speed , it gives people a euphoric rush ,  boundless energy , makes you talkative .

Sounds just like speed !
Well it is, but it also give you an increased sex drive and lowers your inhibitions, can give you time distortions and in heavy doses visual hallucinations.

Hows it taken?
It can be snorted  ,dabbed in the mouth , or wrapped in paper and swallowed (bombed), some people “Booty bump” it , that’s  squirting it up your bum! It can also be injected.

Whats it made of ?
Its  A synthesised  version of Khat.

Whats Khat ? 
A leafy green plant  , sometimes chewed as a mild stimulant by ex pats from north east Africa and the Arabian peninsula , it was recently given a class C  controlled  drug  status.

So is it a class C drug ?
No in its mephedrone form it is a class B, so in the eyes of the law pretty serious if you get caught holding it. .

So what is the downside ?
It has a lot of problems you might associate with other stimulants , such as Dry mouth, muscular tension in the jaw and limbs  , anxiety , depression , nasal problems due to snorting ,paranoid delusions , teeth grinding ,insomnia etc  ,and during the nasty come down ; cold blue fingers and toes ,low mood.

Because of the lowering of inhibitions and the boost in sex drive you can end up in situations where safe sex goes out the window ! Which of course leaves you open to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV etc.

And as with any other drug, a danger of death from overdose and of course if your sharing a needle when using intravenously, you are leaving yourself  wide open to all sorts of blood born virus’s .

‘If anything you have read on this page is giving you cause to worry, why not look behind the Red Door for the contact details of the Club Drug Clinic? You can give them a ring in confidence and at the very least get a little advice.’