Nitrous Oxide

Isn’t Nitrous Oxide laughing gas ?nitrous oxide
Yep , that’s exactly what it is !

What like at the dentist ?
yes. but when you have it at the dentists your getting 70% nitrous oxide and 30% oxygen , gas and air , so the oxygen protects the brain.

So is it dangerous then ?
well some drugs are more dangerous than others its true , and compared to some it is fairly safe , however when people buy it on a street corner on a Saturday night in a balloon, or someone passes you a balloon at a party to and says breath this in , how do you know its nitrous oxide in that balloon ? and not butane gas ! this has happened to people with dire consequences!

Good point
Also if your binging on nitrous oxide your starving the brain of vital oxygen as your average street vendor selling you a balloon full is not gonna be putting in the 30% oxygen.

So have people died from using it?
Many of the deaths have happened with people doing crazy stuff like putting a bag over their head and filling it with nitrous or sitting in a car with the windows closed and letting off a big medical canister .

wow !
It can also increase the risk of stroke .

So why do people do it ?
If gives you a giggly euphoric rush , very short lived ,like being tipsy but not for too long.

Anything else ?
If people are doing it they need to be a bit savvy about where they are , don’t be near an open window, balcony , traffic etc .

Is it against the law ?
No it’s not but that doesn’t mean its safe.