Older People

older peopleGrowing older, for some of us can present many challenges, we may be lonely, grieving or just bored . Our physical health might not be what it once was and consequently we may find ourselves relying more on alcohol or drugs to relieve these difficult feelings. Alternatively we may have had a long term drug or alcohol problem .

Either way growing older should not stop us accessing help if we need it.

Why stop this late in life?  It’s never too late to stop and do you really want be the oldest swinger in town ! and besides that, in later life the body does not recover as fast , we are more prone to accidents and with more free time on your hands better to be healthy and enjoy it! Its very easy to go from a couple of drinks at home alone to topping up right  through the day so you shouldn’t be ashamed , if you recognise you might have a problem ,ask for help.

What do they consider old ?   Their Hammersmith and Fulham service can support anyone over the age of 50 who is concerned about alcohol and their health. RBKC and Westminster services can work with anyone over the age of 60 who would like some support relating to alcohol.

So is there a centre especially for old people? They can work with you in your home if you are unable to travel or if you are mobile you can be seen at whichever one of their services is closest to you .