Club Drugs

What are club drugs?
Club drugs are substances that are most commonly used in a club or party context .The term came about with the rise of drugs like ecstasy being used at raves and in clubs.

People have always used particular drugs in particular scenes and often with a certain type of music.

So Club drugs are not a new thing?
No not really, in the 60’s Mod scene speed was the drug of choice and dancing till dawn was fueled by amphetamine based drugs like Benzedrine and Blues. Later that morphed into LSD with the hippy scene.

So what are people using nowadays?
Nowadays people are using a mixture of things such as MDMA (Ecstasy), GHB, Mephedrone; a stimulant with euphoric properties, and various so called legal highs .Also people are using Ketamine which can feel like a stimulant in low doses but in higher doses is a strong anesthetic. There has been a rise in the use of “methamphetamine” also known as” crystal meth” or “Tina”. This has mainly been within the Gay scene but the field is watching to see if this crosses over into the mainstream.

So what are the dangers?
Have a look at the tabs for the individual drugs in the club drug section for more details.