Weekend Services

Let’s face it, whether you are still struggling with addiction, or getting on well with your recovery, weekends are never the best of times. However times have changed from the days that when the main Recovery Services shut their doors on Friday, and that was it until Monday morning, apart from the Fellowships of AA, NA and CA.

So what goes on?
Well apart from being able to chat and socialise with others over a cuppa in a friendly setting, there are activities such as art and music groups and for those that like a bit of exercise, badminton and swimming. There are also complimentary therapies on offer as well as Internet access.

Trained volunteers, the majority in recovery themselves, will give you a warm welcome, and they are always on hand to give, or to signpost you towards any help you may need.

Maybe in time you would like to volunteer, and these organisations have programmes where you can train, as these services are run by service users for service users.

Sounds good, do I need a referral, and are they free?
If you are a service user in K&C or H&F Just drop in and speak to one of the volunteers who will take a few details and show you around, and yes, it’s all free.

So, who runs them and where are they?logo
They’re run by two organisations, The Firm and Build on Belief (known as BoB!). Both have webpages on this site describing a full list of activities and how and where to access them.